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Saturday, August 28, 2010

During the event of hostage taking in Quirino Granstand, people continue to analyze what had happen and what should happen. Jackie Chan said the situation is real hard that in this event you must thinks of everything.

The real thing is no equipment can manage the situation or any machine but you are dealing with unstable-thinking hostage taker. No one should die even the criminal because this should be based on laws of human life and not just an ordinary situation. But think of war situation. In Iraq 4000 American soldier died, 100,000 Iraqis died which in basing the statistical data of human lives the war cause much. Why, hostage taking is different? Hostage taking is an anarchy of one or few person that will happen in an unpredictable time and place, while war is in controllable place, time and situation. There is an entry and exit that can be predicted. So imagine there will be ten hostage situations in ten places. This will be a method of war and rebellion in in case.

In an uncontrollable critical event, maximum measurement should be followed.
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