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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Flood in Pakil, Laguna

Flood in Pakil is not new which during 1970-85 water from the mountain goes down to the low down area of Pakil flooding the Plaza Adonay and streets of Tavera, Gonzales, Bano, Burgos and Rizal. So the town official created an artificial river across the low area of the mountain preventing water from going down in the streets of Pakil.

Not only water was going down the municipal town but also it contains mud which makes it hard for people to clean up the mesh after the event. Municipal official also created called "bambang" which several of them were built on the main town.

The effects of today's flooding is cause by silted Laguna Bay that do not absorbed heavy rains and the Pampanga River water spilled. Besides the big dams of Luzon also made the problem worse.

If repeated, the event is the hardest problem that the municipal official can resolve. They might lean on the national government to solve this problem. However, it should be consulted to some experts who can volunteer and give some ideas. The town is called "town of people" if they will share not only tangible things but also "IDEAS" that will absorbed by all people of Pakil.

Configuring the problem, the town is in the middle of the mountain and the Bay. if water goes down and the Bay will rise up, the town could not make it to be flooded. Maybe building several small creeks or thin rivers, we may also called it "bambang" can lower the mesh. But this will eats up most of the land areas of the town.

Creeks may be built across the town on the highway near the bay. Some lands may be used up by it. It can also be used as irrigation channel to feed water for the crops. But planning requires expert engineers to make it happen and the budget can be tight for it.

Pakil maybe elevated than Pangil or Paete which will make the solution more easy. We could focus on this problem because scientist always tell that the future is worse to make floods and everybody should adapt the situation.
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