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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Peace in Pakil - FACEBOOK

In search of better community, some concern citizens are driving information in search of truths and peace. Pakil can have a better orderliness, progress with touch of family ties and religious belief, community attachments and quiet environment. This can be dome if information are ties within the original Pakilenos speaking with credibility and intellectual process.

Whom we believe in where we should listen to the old people of Pakil where we seek advice are not common now.  Our historian and old wise people do not dominate over young and aggressive people, instead they are heard commonly by their own aged group.

We believe that technology might help to deliver the view and words of credible or old people of Pakil.

We believe that wise young folks of Pakil with prime motives to facilitate the development of the town can speak in a way they are seen centered or grouped.

Centering the information through Facebook is not a better mean, but to have a one posting environment such as website portal can help us motivate to speak through our own words and drive old people to speak on behalf of their children. Let Pakilenos read the more sorted information whether on political and religious topics.

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