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Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Leaders of Pakil

Election is near coming and awaiting the hope for folks of Pakil to assume any better changes in this old town. Pakil, Laguna was known for religious traditions, good food and arts. With old folks are saying, hoping the town would goes little bit better has to change everything including leadership.

Leadership in Pakil have nothing different than other political talks but with people closer as cousins, family and friends, the people here were divided by mere trust and family or friends attachments. Looking forward to this town in progressive perspective will deal with much talks and critical decisions to choose the best options including leadership.

The progress of any town including Pakil should not rely on leadership but also with the help of community and organizations to find resources, skills among people and diplomatic method with neighboring towns.

To put business establishments should go further in a way utilizing the people skills and not only for the sake of good income. Helping Pakil's folks is merely simple but complicated in different perspective. One recommendation is to find the right people with the best knowledge and cultivate the possible solutions to whatever problems this towns is experiencing.
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