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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Election 2016 Pakil

Pakil folks are hungry of good leadership because of their desire for big leap of changes. Some of them think this as simple as changing their chief or mayor to implement this assumption. Opinions were flooded before but changes in a community of thousand population does not rely on its leaders but also within the power of its people.

Opinions is not strong enough if it is not supported by strong evidence, facts and theories. To make a big leap of changes, people should campaign for exposing more reliable information within its community such as solutions to problems, guarding people's funds, government transactions and mediocre activity of their leaders or irresponsible acts.

Election is a better way to changes and this opportunity should be given much crucial decisions among Pakilenos to cooperate with positive acts to be orchestrated by its people. Now options are given but careless decisions and selections from the electoral candidate will ruin their dreams in a matter of one day, the day of election.

We should be aware that one of good changes to happen will rely on taxes and funds given by national government. Organizing people for a cause can also resolve problems within the community such as crimes and environmental safeguarding.

If the leader is best enough or has intelligence but lacking of resources(taxes, funds, donations, etc), it will rely on the people as resources and power. But if a leader has enough funds to leverage his/her community and lacking of ability and intelligence, he/she might lose the potentials and momentum of progress.

Pakilenos with good income like those abroad and in business tracks are currently building business in Pakil besides helping the community economy through remittances. This is increasing the taxes of the municipal treasury which will be the requisites to move into progressive community.

Choosing intelligent leader is not enough but he/she should capture the heart of the people to follow his/her commands and plans. We know the potential to a more taxes issues is not that big enough. Pakil can move up through people's initiatives to build Pakil in their own ways and not the leaders planned.
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