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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Changing Town of Pakil

What changes are noticed when you look at evey corner of the town? Those changes are surely notice by those people who have witness the transformation of the town and the people living here for several years. The town Pakil have been the life of every folks even if they leave it for jobs, schooling or family matter. Every Pakilenos have in mind Pakil as their real hometown.

Those years of 1970s, the town's rivers and nearby bay have clear water in which waterplants like digman was obviously living under this waters. You can look at fishes with your bare eyes while you're just standing beside the river. Mostly surrounded by trees and flowering plants, walking through roads and street was fun and calm.

Others might remember the bright moon during nights that any children can play taguan or tumbang preso. While elders are talking with their friends and neighbors without thinking of televisions and gadgets.

Those years of 80s, the town followed the changes of every Philippine towns in terms of progress. Changes were made including infrastructures, building restorations, and street lights improvement. Not yet reached the end of 90s, water pipes were installed. The people were aware of industry standard water distribution without fetching in the main Pakil's spring water like Turumba swimming pool or called panghulo.

The year 90s was exceptionally different for modernization did not exclude the town. Events like disco dancing in the plaza was replaced by band concert. Politics was no different that saw the potential of young politicians and had more freedom of expressions among people.

Sadly Pakil was affected by calamities like strong typhoons that destroyed trees in town. Horribly that  green mountain turned into brown. Mt. Pinatubos's explosion turned Pakil into dusty and everybody has to cover their nose and eyes while walking on the streets. The earthquake in Cabanatuan also shaked the town which mildly damaged some house but not worse as it thinks. This calamities made changes to the mindset of all Pakilenos. They dream to secure their life to have strong houses, secure financial status and became quick minded. They studied from univerties and migrate to other cities and countries to have another kind of life.

While we can remember those yesteryears, some changes from the mindset of Pakilenos may not be noticed while physical changes are so obvious..
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